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Charge at No Charge in Texas

The Electric Generation,

EV drivers in Texas have an option of charging their cars for free thanks to a program from Dallas-based retail energy provider, TXU Energy. As of last year, EV drivers, and others who signed up for TXU Energy’s Free Nights program, received all of their electricity between 10pm and 6am absolutely free. Because Texas has surplus of power at night, including significant wind power, TXU Energy offers a rate that is somewhat higher during the day, but free at night. This creates a big incentive for people to shift their electricity use and especially benefits EV drivers who often charge during the night.

Juan Elizondo, a TXU Energy spokesperson, told that Free Nights is just one of many options that TXU Energy gives customers based on their needs, including plans offering as much as 100-percent wind-generated electricity. TXU said that potential customers are walked through the process of calculating which plan is best for them – based on past energy use – by phone operators. The company gets hundreds of calls per day from people asking about Free Nights. Many companies in states like California, Oregon and Hawaii offer special time-of-use rates catering specifically to plug-in owners, but TXU is the only provider currently offering free power.

Since 80 percent or more of EV drivers charge at home and the vast majority of that charging takes place at night, it’s likely you’ll find drivers in Texas powering their car for free. If that’s not an EV driver’s dream come true, we don’t know what is. Any TXU Energy customers out there that have taken advantage of this program? Let us know in the comments below.

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