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The Electric Generation is a community made by and for people like you who support electricity as a fuel. We invite you to voice your viewpoints, contribute information and share your enthusiasm and passion... >>

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Electric Power

Beyond EVs

Electricity is powering electric vehicles but it’s also transforming business operations across a growing number of industries. From airports to seaport loading docks, electrification is happening across the country. It is empowering companies to make significant cost and energy savings, all while decreasing their environmental impact.

As a society, we have just scratched the surface of electricity’s potential as a fuel. The environmental benefits, cost savings and increases in productivity are virtually limitless. Electricity is helping America regain our independence by reducing our reliance on foreign oil.

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Driving Electric


Everything you ever wanted to know about driving, owning and charging an EV

Above all else, driving is a visceral experience, and electricity improves everything about it. When you get behind the wheel of an EV for the first time, you sense that something is different. You start the car, yet you don’t hear anything. But it’s when you press the pedal on the right—which, by the way, is called the accelerator or “go pedal”, not the gas—that you really feel the difference.

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Voices of The Electric Generation

  • Sarah Olexsak

    Sarah Olexsak

    Workplace Charging Challenge Coordinator

    Sarah Olexsak works to increase plug-in electric vehicle charging access across the country as part of the Department of Energy’s EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge. Prior to establishing the...

  • Buzz Smith

    Buzz Smith

    Blogger at My Electric Vehicle Journey

    Buzz was born in Houston near the beginning of the space race and became enamored of all things techie. He began programming computers in 1970, while in the 7th...

  • Patty Durand

    Patty Durand

    Exec. Director for the Smart Grid Consumer Collective

    Patty Durand is the Executive Director for the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, a consumer focused non-profit aiming to promote the understanding and benefits of modernized electrical systems among all...


The Electric Generation, a campaign supported by the Edison Electric Institute, represents the electric utility industry’s commitment to the widespread adoption of electricity as a transportation fuel.

The Electric Generation focuses on the people who support electricity as a fuel: current and future drivers of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. With The Electric Generation, the electric utilities are helping to amplify the voices of those who are already passionate and excited about driving electric and spread the message that electricity makes driving better.

The Electric Generation isn’t defined by date of birth, but by state of mind. It’s an all-inclusive community of people of all ages and walks of life who share a common belief that electricity is not only the transportation fuel of the future—it’s the fuel of the present.


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