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New EV Fast Charging Analysis Identifies Need for New NEVI-Compliant EV Chargers

2 days ago
GPI Roadmap

The National Electric Highway Coalition (NEHC) and our partners are committed to deploying and supporting electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations across the country. The United States needs at least 1,104 additional new fast-charging EV facilities to support seamless long-distance EV travel, according to the United States EV Fast-Charging Corridor Road Map analysis by the Great Plains Institute (GPI) and Carbon Solutions.

These EV fast chargers must be compliant with the Federal Highway Administration’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program and are needed to ensure all currently designated EV Alternative Fuel Corridors and non-designated interstates could comply with NEVI guidelines, the analysis found. 

Of the nation’s 4,943 existing public, non-Tesla fast chargers, there are 509 that comply with basic NEVI Formula Program requirements. An interactive road map, prepared for GPI by Carbon Solutions, allows users to better explore the current and proposed network of chargers.